What about my Experience?

Sternenhimmel WeddingEvents Gepäck…well-founded training & life experience!

During this time I am your friend and confidante. I support you with all your requirements and wishes and help you not to get lost in the confusing tangle of providers.

I will be there on your important day and calm you down, if you are too nervous. I take care that your make-up and hair style is perfect. I sew on a button at the bridegroom’s outfit. I check the event location and the church, whether everything has been decorated for you perfectly. I remove a spot on your dress, tell Uncle Fred, when it is time for his speech. In short: my eyes are everywhere and should something start to go wrong, I will be there to put it right again.

I have all threads in my hands. I remain calm in hectic situations and accept responsibilities with pleasure and keep everything under control.

I keep an eye on everything: Your requirements, Your wishes, Your time, Your budget!